Birth Anoxia and Hearing Aid

It has been found that a major cause of cerebral palsy (CP) has been lack of oxygen available to a baby’s brain. A common medical term is used to label such lack of oxygen to brain – anoxia. A cerebral anoxia is absence of oxygen to the brain and can cause permanent damage to the child.

In the past there was no cure to such a medical condition which can lead to a hearing impaired child from birth. However, an alternate experimental method of treatment has developed called Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The child is put in a chamber of 100% oxygen. The aim is to flood the body system of the child with oxygen to immediately repair any oxygen related damage.


There are several tests which are carried out based on the diagnosis by the treating doctors who may include a CT scan of your child’s brain or an EEG or a MRI. Hearing impairment in a child can be classified based on the way it has been inherited, age of occurrence, audiological characteristics, vestibular phenotype and responsible genetic locus.

Anoxia related deafness falls under congenital acquired hearing impairment, same category where infections, maternal diabetes, toxic substance exposure also falls. Treatments are mainly aimed at assessing whatever is left and preventing further damage. Then the stage where decision is taken whether to go for trials with hearing aids or for cochlear implant arrives.

Cochlear implant is more expensive compared to hearing aids and includes a degree of risk like all surgical procedures. You need to know whether your medical insurance covers cochlear implant or not. If the damage can be supplemented with hearing aids then nothing better than that. Gone are the days when hearing aids were bulky and made you look like a handicapped person. There are several types of hearing aids and will not harm the fashion or style quotient of your child when he or she grows up. There are not only analog but also digital hearing aid stores variants of different make, price range and power available in the market.

If your child is already diagnosed with anoxia leading to deafness as one of the handicaps then don’t waste time to approach a leading hearing aid clinic in Edmonton, Alberta or anywhere in Canada in consultation with your physician. These hearing aid clinics comes as a one stop shop for all your medical testing related needs as well as a shop for hearing aids different models, brands and in different price range.


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